Bhoomika is widening livelihood options, as one of the key adopted strategies, both farm and non-farm sectors for reducing poverty in rural Odisha. Popularization of sustainable agriculture practices, conservation of natural resources, promotion of people’s organization like Self-help group (SHG), farmers group, primary producers groups and their federations, facilitation of people’s access to microfinance and government schemes, enhancement of market linkages and provision of skill-building support for promotion of off and non-farm micro enterprise/ social enterprise are some of the key elements in this pursuit. Thus Bhoomika’s livelihood strategy focuses on household food and nutrition security and expanding income earning opportunities for rural poor.

In addition to optimizing employment generation in agriculture and allied sectors, Bhoomika also strives hard to help the landless households, agricultural labourers, and small and marginal landowners explore opportunities in the largely untapped non-farm sector. Providing capacity building support and ensuring better access to market form the components of this strategy. Through evidence based research the issues are indentified to take up advocacy for a pro-poor policy in livelihoods. Emphasis is made on convergence with mainstream development programmes and other stakeholders for program sustainability.