At least 11 million labourers in India are employed in the unorganised brick kiln industry. With their parents toiling hard as daily wage workers, these children never had a normal childhood. The kids are carried to the sites by their parents, and when they became old enough to stand, they join to work. The children of these workers suffer from malnutrition and other health problems due to lack of care and attention. These labourers work for at least twelve hours a day to be able to afford the basic necessities of life. In the process, their children are not given proper attention and are left to their vices. These industries do not have crèche facilities and they do not take any initiatives to educate the children of the workers.

For the past one decade, Bhoomika is striving to help these families and their children of age 0 to 8. With proper crèche facilities, the productivity of the workers also increase as they know their kids are safe.

Bhoomika’s vision has helped these children a better life that they deserve. Dr. Bhisma Prasad Rath, Founder, Bhoomika believes that every child should be able to enjoy their childhood. He aims to provide them with a safe and healthy and proper environment to grow and proper education to be able to live a purposeful life. It has been successful in reaching to more than 1200 kids in Bhubaneswar till now and targets to expand to as many places as possible for which we welcome volunteers who can take up the responsibility and have the enthusiasm to help the world become a better place to live.

Bhoomika’s programme focuses on crèche facilities for babies under three, creation of safe environment for children and overall growth and development of them. The “applied education programme” is for children belonging to age group of 6 to 14 which targets the enrolment and retention of the kids in the government schools. It takes months of rigorous counselling, endless home visits and mobilization sessions to convince the parents about the importance of education and bring the first batch of children to the centre.

We also organise weekly visits of doctors, special health camps for eye and dental check-ups to be able to provide them with necessary treatment and precautions to avoid it in the future.

Bhoomika will continue to bring smile and hope in the young minds for a better future.